Landscape Flora and Fauna Black and White Architecture & Abstract
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Deborah is a passionate about her photography and is driven by her desire to deliver fine photographic art and images that inspire and lift the spirit.

Displaying a creative streak from an early age, Deborah has always sought an artistic direction in all that she does. Through Force of Nature Photography, Deborah combines photographic skills with breathtaking scenery and both natural and man made environments to create what she calls "Art through a Lens".

But Deborah's images are not created, as some do, using computer wizardry and digital manipulation (apart from a few images in the Abstract galleries). Deborah's photographic art includes all the flaws produced by Nature whether it be a lopsided tree, leaves blowing in the wind or ripples on a lake. She instead prefers to wait for the right light, sometimes arriving at the location before the dawn chorus, or come back another day to get the perfect picture. It's more fun than sitting in front of a computer for hours trying to improve a picture!
All of Nature's imperfections are captured, not erased, for eternity.


Landscape, Flora & Fauna, Black & White, Architecture & Abstract Photography